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(From February 1916)   By Everett G. Tulledge, Oakfield Wisconsin.    Having been requested several times write a letter for the Fox and Hound and having many other outside duties to perform and not being much of a journalist, I hesitated. The closing of the beagle season this last November was a very successful one for me and every pup a winner and every customer a satisfied one and a satisfied customer is my best advertisement, except Fox and Hound. My kennels are not very extensive, having only twelve brood matrons and two stud dogs....

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(From January 1916)   D. Mansbarger & Son, Sabratan, West Virginia.    Do Not Let Your Dog Hunt Garbage.  If you live in or near a town or village you will find it very hard to get your young dog started on game as early as it should. The greatest drawback is the garbage lying around. If he finds garbage the first time you may set back two months or more. He has not yet learned what a rabbit is, but he does know what garbage is: his mind is constantly on it; you will notice him throw his head and sniff the air, away he...

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(From January 1916)   By Carl Jones, Wabash IN   Dear Sir: A few lines on the training of the young beagle, which I hope will be taken for what it is worth, to the new beginner as this is not for the benefit of the professional trainer.  First, get you a beagle pup, say four to six months of age from some honest breeder, a pup that comes down from a line of field winners. One word here, as a pedigree is a dangerous thing to handle, it may look good, the list of bench winners, with a long line of field trial winners, with a few champions...

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  (From February 1916)    By E.B. McIntyre   Occasionally we hear of a hound that is gun shy, but I dare say that we do not hear from many that are gun shy because the owner is not anxious to disclose the fact, for various reasons. Therefore, and undoubtedly, there are many readers of Fox and Hound who will be interested in the subject. To begin with, what made that particular hound gun shy? If it was through a brain shy handler (Brain shy owner, as Zim says), accidentally shooting him, and there is very little excuse for such...

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  (From February 1916)    Neenah, Wis., Oct. 10, 1915. Fox and Hound Pub. Co., Decatur, IL   Dear Sir: The September issue of Fox and Hound received and to say that it was very interesting is putting it mildly. The cuts of “Debonair Fiddle” “Cayadutta Blue Cap,” “Debonair Daily Leader” and the fine looking brace “Suburban Girl” and “Midnight,” all appear to be fine specimens of the beagle. “Suburban Girl” and “Midnight” look like “dead ringers” of a brace I...

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(From January 1916)   By John Sandstrom, L.D., Virginia, Minn. To the Fox and Hound: I will try to tell you about a Deer Hunt that another fellow and  I had in the fall of 1913, where we had quite a lot of excitement, but little result. On the 9th of November we had our packsacks all ready, and at 8 a.m. we boarded a train at Virginia and expected to be at our destination which was Skibo, Minn., at 11 a.m. Our first misshap came however before we expected it. As it was Sunday the trains did not make connections at Allan Junction, a fact that...

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(From February 1916)  Llanerch, Pa., Jan. 12, 1916    Mr. Editor: Your copy of the Fox Hound received and it gave much pleasure to read it and find so much beagle news in it, so I am, sending three subscriptions and also a picture of two of my beagles that I keep for my own gunning and to breed. The largest is Luxello’s Nancy B 208609 A. K. C., and the smallest buttercup, 172295. With these two beagles I shot 57 rabbits over them this last November while they are not for sale but am going to breed them next week to Springer’s...

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(From February 1916)   Hunting rabbits with the beagle in the Adirondacks this fall and winter has been about as “tame” sport as we have ever had since the beagles were introduced some sixteen years ago. Why? Well that’s the question. I have only killed a single lonesome bunny so far this season, and if I don’t hurry, am afraid this will be our “hoodoo” year. The time was, not long since either, when we could go out in any of the neighboring swamps close to North Creek village, and bring home all we...

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(From January 1916)   Not many years ago I kept a pack of foxhounds with which I hunted successfully the coyote or prairie wolf. I used to read sportsman’s journals that would sometimes have a small department devoted to hunting with hounds, but not near as much as I thought they should have, as I happen to take notice that a large percent of the advertisements were of hounds. I was impressed with the unfairness of the thing and wished that somebody would start a journal giving more space to hounds. Not long after this I noticed an...

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(From January 1916)   The above subject has been chosen that the writer might cause some question to arise in some reader’s mind. Perhaps I would not be far wrong if I should say, “The Best Goods Are in the Small Packages.” If you challenge this statement I am willing to undertake the task of proving to you that without mistake I am right, in my declaration. What is a beagle? Is he a pure bred, or is he a mongrel? What is he good for?  Is he the legitimate “Rabbit Dog?” Why is he the best “Rabbit Dog?”...

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