January Astraddle the Line

Astraddle the Line

By Kaylynn Cole
Hello readers! Welcome to 2019 as we kick off the new year with a revolutionary twist to the publication Beaglers have enjoyed for many years. As you flip through the pages, I hope you find the new look as useful as it is appealing. The support throughout this transition has been overwhelming and I thank you all so much! Change is always scary and involves risk. However, change for the better can have the most powerful and positive impact. Please use this to your advantage whether for personal use, for your club or format, this magazine is for YOUR use and to support BEAGLES.

The new look is designed to support ALL areas of the beagle breed. I will say this, if it is about a beagle, I want it in this magazine! This publication is to promote the hunting beagle. Let’s all keep in mind everyone may have a slightly different definition of what a “hunting beagle” is. So let’s be tolerant of anything that is published that may not appeal directly to you because if it is published, that means it appeals to someone. There will always be a vast variety of information published to appeal to every area of Beagling we support.

I hope you will find many of the traditions from each publication have continued in this one. Including awards, articles, writers, subjects, ads, and even forms and information has all been preserved. I tried to make this as smooth of a transition as possible. I know we have a number of traditionalist that may believe the “old ways” were better. Let me be the first to tell you changes had to be made in order to keep up with the times. It is the ever-changing world we live in. Change is constant especially in media of any format but in print especially. In order to continue a print version for everyone, this was the only option. This is how fast things change. Not to tell my age but this past Spring, May 2018 I graduated with my undergrad in business Marketing and a minor in Public Relations. I was notified this past week that a few of the courses I had just taken in social media and marketing are already out of date. So literally my 2018 degree is outdated already! My point is, there will be constant updates to the publication to serve everyone in current standing with the magazine. The publications have been the same format for decades, so lets have fun and shake it up a bit to ensure the life of the publication. I ask for your patience and an open mind as this new look unfolds throughout 2019. I am a person who is always looking to improve and I feel that is always possible with a magazine.

The most exciting part of my job is seeing the various submissions covering the entire beagle breed from house dogs, grade dogs and champions with their stories or how the breed has had an impact on someone’s life. Getting to talk to so many people I learn more and more everyday. It is almost daily someone will call the office and remind me what the heart of Beagling truly is and what it means to them. Also seeing the transition come to life in efforts to allow the Beaglers to stand together for a sport and breed we all cherish has been the most exciting venture. By supporting this publication as a subscriber and/or advertiser you are supporting the future of Beagling. Let this publication symbolize a group of passionate folks determined to continue a breed’s purpose for years to come. As long as you support the magazine, I vow to support you by any means possible

Let’s talk facts for a moment. A magazine is defined as, “a periodical publication containing articles and illustrations, typically covering a particular subject or area of interest” is a form of entertainment. So, have fun with it! This is for your entertainment. If you have suggestions, please let me know as I am all ears. Again, let me stress, let’s have fun! This is a magazine fortunate enough to cover one of America’s favorite breeds. So, let’s stand together with beagles from all areas and publish the coverage to the best of our ability! Remember what this country is based on? “By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall”- John Dickinson. I use the same mentality running this publication and promoting a UNITED breed, the Beagle.

Keep’em Running! -KW

Author: Lisa Diehl

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