(From February 1916)   

Neenah, Wis., Oct. 10, 1915.

Fox and Hound Pub. Co., Decatur, IL


Dear Sir: The September issue of Fox and Hound received and to say that it was very interesting is putting it mildly. The cuts of “Debonair Fiddle” “Cayadutta Blue Cap,” “Debonair Daily Leader” and the fine looking brace “Suburban Girl” and “Midnight,” all appear to be fine specimens of the beagle. “Suburban Girl” and “Midnight” look like “dead ringers” of a brace I have, “Sepia Glen Trump” and “Sepia Glen Actress,” 7 and 5 ½  months old, respectively, and talk about run a rabbit, well they ran one two “heats” last Sunday for a whole hour and a half. My friend Hale asked me to take a little run out in the country about 4 p.m., as he had become a little interested in the way these two pups had started to sniff around and hunt the thicket, although they had never run a rabbit or gave tongue on scent in any way. Well, we got into the woods about 4:30 and about 4:45 we came to a clearing in the center of the woods which I should judge was about 60 feet square and three or four small brush piles laid in the center of the clearing and also a number of high weeds. I ask Hale to stamp one the brush piles and as he did, sure enough out jumped a cottontail. He came with such speed that I fired and missed but for the sport there was in it was just as well I did miss. Actress saw the rabbit and immediately tore into the woods after it, yelping like fury, and Trump who was on the opposite side of the brush pile, didn’t notice what was going on. Well Actress, the 5 1/2 months old pup ran the rabbit for not more than two hundred yards and then came back to the clearing where my friend Hale and I stood. I tried to help her to take up the scent again but she refused and all of a sudden over in the woods where Actress quit the trail we heard the “yip” of Trump. He had worked over into the woods while we were trying to get Actress on the scent and hadn’t we hadn’t noticed him. Sure enough he had the trail and was running Mr. Rabbit for fare-the-well. I said, “Now Hale that pup never run one before more than a hundred yards and never before gave tongue and I know he will never be able to circle the rabbit so I think we had better work our way through the woods and “drop” the rabbit before he loses him.” So we agreed to do this and when we got to where he first barked on the trail he had taken Mr. Rabbit clear out of hearing: he certainly was an educated rabbit. Well this 7 months old puppy brought the rabbit to the same clearing and under another brush pile before we got back to the clearing ourselves and had given the rabbit a full half hour heat, all this time Actress was hanging around near my feet. Well Hale stamped the brush pile and the rabbit again came out like a dart: this time both pups saw the rabbit and then the circus commenced. They “beat it” along that trail like old veterans, both tongueing like fury and it was fast growing dark. I was a little worried for fear I would lost the pun as they took that rabbit away out of hearing twice and twice they circled within thirty feet of the clearing where the rabbit started but I did not dare to shoot for fear of killing a pup as it was too dark to see and make sure. It was some chase and this second “heat” lasted just one hour which I think is remarkable for puppies of their age. I have handled them quite a bit for the last two months, but game is very scarce in our immediate vicinity and they have never had a real chance to show their metal but they sure are started now, and the beauty of the chase was that after it got pitch dark in the woods they left the trail and came to me as soon as I blew the whistle, and two tired pups they were, their tongues hanging out and panting like an engine. I chained them together and we worked our way out woods and when I lifted those two tired youngsters into the automobile they were satisfied to lie down and cut out their usual playfulness. The day was very hot and the woods where they trailed was covered with dry leaves which is all the more credit to the pups.

I am anxiously waiting for the October number of Fox and Hound and certainly wish you every success, the paper is the best of its kind I have ever happened to come across.

Yours for better beagles and more of them, F. L. FADNER.

P.S. This 5 1/2 months old pup is the one you reproduced in Fox and Hound August from the cut I mailed you, “Sepia Glen Actress.” I will send you a photo of “Sepia Glen Trump” at an early date; he is a dandy. F.L.F.


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