(From January 1916)


The fact that it is becoming quite common for beagles to sell for good long prices is a good indication that now is the time for men with money and brains to get into the game of breeding them. No, they will not be a passing fad, because they are about the only gun dog left the sportsman. It is true the Aierdale is becoming quite prominent as a gun dog in the west, for use on large game, but for the jack rabbit and the festive cottontail, the beagle is king. Field trials are doing a lot to push the beagle to the front, for field trials are the means of showing those “From Missouri” just what the beagle is capable of doing. In addition to showing what beagles can do, they show what beagles are siring the best field stock. It is the proper time nowadays for men of the beagler’s fraternity to go to the trials and show their dogs in competition with the best from other kennels. Friendly rivalry is waxing keen and prices for the right kind are advancing by leaps and bounds. A few years it was uncommon for a beagle to sell for more than fifty dollars. Now it the rule to pay more than that for one that shows quality. Therefore, I am safe in asserting that NOW is the best time ever see to start to breeding for field trials. A breeder who has the proper foundation stock, and is possessed of a breeder’s skill–that is who knows blood lines and has a knack for making successful matings–can go into the game strong and make good moneys, provided of course he acts on the square with his patrons. It has been amply proven that dishonesty does not pay in the dog business. No man can hope to make a success unless he treats every man as he would have others treat him. All the successful breeders have built up their trade on real merit. A really satisfied customer will come back again and again for more stock. Remember those things for their neglect means your failure- SURE.

The beagle game is an inviting field for the man with brains and honesty, but it is not for pikers. The man who goes in for a season to “clean up” will end up bad. He faces disaster certain and sure. Nothing can save him from financial loss and probably legal troubles and disgrace. It is possible that a live boy with good intentions and strictly good breeding stock can get into the game and gradually work into a good paying business as a beagle breeder, and no doubt but some boys will start and succeed–but I do not advise them to start unless they are able to buy a high bred bitch in whelp to a dog of note. That is not all, for the mating should be made by an EXPERIENCED breeder. Do not trust your own iudgment to make a mating of beagles unless you have studied the blood lines and are pretty sure you know something about the effect of crossing the different strains. Many of you who make the start will meet with some bitter disappointments, but disappointment comes every now and then in all lines of business, but do not let that stop you. If it is in you to succeed you will win soon forget them when you get a taste of real success. It’s a great game—this game for breeding winners–and it will bring many joys and likewise many heartaches, but like every other field you must take the bitter  with the sweet.

Author: dan

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