(From February 1916)  Llanerch, Pa., Jan. 12, 1916 


Mr. Editor: Your copy of the Fox Hound received and it gave much pleasure to read it and find so much beagle news in it, so I am, sending three subscriptions and also a picture of two of my beagles that I keep for my own gunning and to breed. The largest is Luxello’s Nancy B 208609 A. K. C., and the smallest buttercup, 172295. With these two beagles I shot 57 rabbits over them this last November while they are not for sale but am going to breed them next week to Springer’s Invincible, from which I should get something extra good from this mating. Also would like to say my friend R. M. England of Highland Park, Del County, Pennsylvania is going to send his two best bitches to Springer’s Invincible.

I would like to take a little of your time by telling you a little about a little fun my friend, R. M. England, and I had on November 1st, 1915. A friend of ours who has two large farms near what is called the Barrous Switch, is very hard on both dogs and men. Well I arrived there a little ahead of Bob or Mr. England and on arriving at the house found them just eating breakfast, but I hardly had tied up buttercup and Nancy when I heard an auto blow, so looking down the lane I saw Bob come with Queen, Goldie and Buster. Well it was not long till we had the gun put together and we were off. We had not got over 200 yards when little Buttercup jumped a fine big rabbit and away she went over the hill when the other two started to help her out they jumped another and away they went. Well that woods ran like colored camp meeting but No. 2 rabbit thought he would be smart and fool the pack that was pushing him so hard and thought he would do some tricks on them by running through a cord wood pile but when he came out my L. C. Smith spoke for him to stop and he did not, but never to start again, and it was only a little while till we heard that sweet voice of Buttercup coming back and I heard a crack from Bob’s double barrel and rabbit No. 1 was put in his coat.

We started to go farther into the woods when I noticed Buster getting very happy around a brush pile and out went No. 3 and this time the whole pack of five merry little beagles got after this rabbit and believe me he was some rabbit. Well, they took through the woods into a cornfield where they made a check for a minute but it was not long until they found him again. They ran out of the cornfield and now Mr. Rabbit started across country for Bob and I saw him going over the hillside so we started to cut across after them and when we got to the edge of the swamp we heard the voices getting nearer so we took stands, but it was not long till Mr. Cottontail started my way but this time it made my L. C. Smith speak twice before that contrary would stop and before leaving this swamp we got four more. Now we thought we would start back and hunt over the ground. We had just made a four mile cross country cut and we had not gone far when we heard Queen and Buttercup start one the west of the swamp. Well when we got to the top of the hill we saw Mr. Cotton tail going up the cart road to small woods, it not being very large and no cover. The dogs soon had him out on the north side in a lot of green briars and while he was trying to go from one patch to the other Bob stopped him. We had promised the ladies to come in at 11:30 for dinner, so we started again towards the first woods and got about half way when Harry, our kind friend and also our guide, got over the fence into a blackberry patch and it wasn’t long till he had two extra nice ones, so we decided to stop on the fence and take a rest while the dogs hunted out the small bottom that laid below us. We had just got seated on the fence when we noticed that we only had four dogs. Looking them over, we found that Nancy B was missing. Taking out my whistle. I gave her a call and when I did she came bounding over the hill on our trail at her top speed and when she came up to us, out went a rabbit from under the fence at our feet. The three of us bounded down to stop him. I shot twice and Bob and Harry each once and never touched him. Well I ran down to the far fence hoping to stop him before he would go for the swamp but he turned and came up the other way and again I let two more loads of No. 6 go his way, but only to give him one less leg to run with, but it did seem to slow him much at first but later was caught by this caught by Buster. Now by this time we called in and started for dinner and arrived safe till we reached the barn which is on the edge of a woods that we had not been in and before we could tie up all five dogs Goldie started a rabbit at the chicken house, ran it through the barn yard then for the woods, but by this time Bob got around the barn and stopped him and before he could catch Goldie she started another which Bob got. At this time we got to the house and to find a big chicken dinner. Well now when we left that table we did not feel much like tramping the hills but we started and only to have a good afternoon shooting and did not get back till dark and to have the kind ladies to call to see if we wanted lanterns to tie on the rabbits so we could shoot them, but we were much satisfied with the day with Bob high man by one rabbit.

After putting the dogs safe in the machine and bidding our kind friend good-bye and promising to report there next November if we lived, we started for our homes which we reached safe but very late and to get up the next morning to start for another good day. 


Very truly yours, 

  1. Kurtz James and the Beagles. 


Author: dan

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