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New to Beagles: An Article About Kennel Design

By Clark Hammaker

This article is intended to assist a novice dog owner on kennel designs and is a source for materials. I am not associated with any of the suppliers I mention in the article. I include the prices I paid at the writing of this article. You will need to verify pricing and availability.

My father had beagles until my brothers and I left home. He no longer had anyone to hunt with so he sold them and quit rabbit hunting. We continued to hunt turkey and deer, as a family, but slowly drifted apart due to family responsibilities.

I tried to get my son and daughter interested in hunting but the slow nature of deer and turkey hunting did not appeal to their generations’ need for immediate results. At 53, I found myself hunting alone and losing interest in hunting and finally understood why my father sold his dogs.
One day while I was searching a local Internet site I came across a four year old female tricolor beagle for sale. My father was in town so we went and watched her run. She ran a rabbit two full circles before we called her off the rabbit, this dog handled like a dream. I dug the money out of my wallet and loaded her into the car.

So here I was, on my way home with my first beagle wondering what my wife will think and without a kennel. My father offered his wisdom, “You have a degree in Engineering from Penn State so building a kennel is a piece of cake, right? With respect to your wife, you are on your own!” Thanks dad.

I wanted an elevated kennel attached to my garage with the box and an area to feed her in the garage. To elevate the kennel I would need some type of flooring. But what flooring and where to buy it? I would also need a box but what is the best design? How big should it be for a beagle? How big is the opening? Searching the Internet did not produce any designs. There were several designs for sale but nothing seemed tailored to beagles.

I had to build something for my new dog so off to the local home improvement store for supplies. Some pressure treated lumber, plywood, wire and four hours later I had a kennel. It was elevated and had a box inside my garage. I could feed my dog without being in the weather. My father was not impressed.

Six months later I had the opportunity to buy a puppy. I knew if I could get the puppy home my wife would not argue. Well this little female turned out to be an escape artist. Two weeks later, my puppy was running around my garage and my wife reminded me that I have an engineering degree.

I made it through the first year and after joining a local beagle club, I had the itch for another dog. My kennel could not hold three dogs therefore I was back at the design stage.

You can view the remainder of this article along with some pictures on page 26 of our April issue.

Author: Tamah DePriest

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