August Sneak Peek

Mile Branch Sammy III

by Troy Barber

While looking back at these old hounds has been very rewarding and brought back many fond memories, it has also been very challenging to gather accurate statistics. Although I have lots of firsthand knowledge of these hounds, I don’t remember all the details such as field trial records and awards so I have to rely on their owners and other sources. Many of the owners of these hounds live near the Gulf Coast and were hit hard by hurricane Katrina in 2005, therefore lots of the old records and photographs were destroyed by this horrific storm. That being said, I’m grateful to each individual who furnished photos and records for this series. However, I know we have failed to obtain 100% of the information due to circumstances but hopefully, we have done justice to the roles these hounds have played in beagle history.
Mile Branch Sammy produced well with several different bloodlines but like any other stud dog some were better than others. When he was crossed back on Black Creek/Skullfork bred females is when the magic really happened. If you recall Sammy was half Black Creek/Skullfork himself so when he was crossed back on females from that line the offspring were line bred with one quarter out-cross. Sammy’s popularity and success brought much recognition to the Black Creek bloodline as many folks refer to him and his offspring as Black Creek. Most of the traits that he was famous for did not come from the Black Creek side of the pedigree but rather his dam, Mile Branch Sadie. Let’s give credit where credit is due. The infusion of the Sammy blood into this already great line of hounds gave them a much needed facelift such as conformation, stamina, search and brains.
In part two of this series, we talked about the first few crosses made on Sammy and they all had something in common; the dams were closely related to Sammy’s sire Black Creek Sam VI. This had not gone unnoticed as many local beaglers observed the success of these first crosses. In an attempt to duplicate this success, many breeders began to seek out Sammy to cross on females with pedigrees similar to those initial matings.

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Author: Tamah DePriest

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