March Sneak Peek

International Field Champion Holton’s Lulu

By Millard Holton

While glancing through my December 2013 issue of Hounds & Hunting magazine attention was drawn to an article entitled, “GUNDOGS OF YESTERYEAR” written by Rev. John Parks. I have known John for a long time and was surprised to see he had mentioned my female beagle, Holton’s LuLu as one of the top three beagles he had ever seen run! You see, John had come to my home in early 1998, specifically to watch LuLu run as he was doing some research on the Deer Park beagles bred by Arnold Hornsby. LuLu’s pedigree reflects several crosses of Deer Park Ike and his sire, Sunny Line Ralphie. After John spent much of a day watching LuLu and her offspring pursue cottontail, he proceeded to publish an article in the October 1998 issue of “The Rabbit Hunter” magazine about LuLu’s ability, both as a performer and producer.
John’s recent article was the catalyst that prompted me to write this article describing LuLu’s ability to comply or perform within the parameters of the twelve “Desirable Qualities” listed in procedure 5-B of the American Kennel Club Rule Book. By consistently displaying the above mentioned qualities, LuLu could be considered an “Ideal Beagle” for all purposes afield, capable of serving as a field trial hound, a gun dog (singular) or a member of a pack, on either cottontail or snowshoe hare (see ending summary of Procedure 5-B).

I acquired Holton’s LuLu from an area beagler in the early summer of 1990 at 3 1/2 months old, passing on her during my first visit. The wide white belt, saturated with small blue ticks turned me off, however when I failed to find any other suitable puppy in the Lansing area, I ate a little crow, returned to the seller and purchased her.
About a year later I purchased another beagle pup from a member of Great Lakes Beagle Club that was sired by FC Blueridge Hawkeye and a Black Poison bitch. I had a choice between two black blanketed pups; one small and one much larger. After selecting the small one, something told me to take the other. The breeder was a little upset when I exited my vehicle and requested an exchange for the bigger pup. However, he did approve of the exchange.

To view the remainder of this article & photos, please see page 26 of our March issue.

Author: Tamah DePriest

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